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KS2 number resources – from algebra to statistics 

Count and calculate to your heart's content! From mental strategies to formal written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, we have an excellent range of teaching ideas, worksheets and games for KS2.

Addition and subtraction the basics (7 resources)

Algebra (3 resources)

Basic multiplication and division (2 resources)

Challenging addition and subtraction (12 resources)

Challenging multiplication and division (23 resources)

Fractions including decimals (22 resources)

Number and place value (13 resources)

Ratio and proportion (2 resources)

KS2 Numeracy cards

Targeted maths questions brought to you by Teachit Primary and Testbase.

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Latest resources

Latest resources

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Spelling for beginners

Adding 'es' or just plain 's'
Spelling for beginners

What no J? – words ending dge or ge
Spelling for beginners

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