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Teachit Primary's ready for the new 2014 curriculum - are you? Check out our 2014 curriculum ready teaching packs and new resource listings...

Welcome to Teachit's library of Primary teaching resources

Already in full swing

With the summer holidays now a distant memory it's all systems go – what with marking in the evenings and planning at the weekends it feels as though there is little time to spare. We've tried to make your teaching life a little easier by putting together some teaching packs. Crammed with teaching ideas and resources, the packs are arranged into a teaching sequence for you to pick up and deliver.

Not only that but we're reorganizing our libraries to reflect the new curriculum to help you find what you're looking for! 

Sara Pearson

Primary Editor

Hi, if you’ve just discovered Teachit Primary we’re really pleased you did! 

Teachit Primary is an ever growing library of resources created and edited by teachers for teachers. Our PDFs are free to everyone who registers or you can subscribe for full access to the site. Interested? Find out more about 'Getting started'.

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When it comes to resources, you know best. Which is why all of the resources in our libraries are made by teachers (our editorial team are teachers too!). We also believe that a teacher's time is precious and that hours spent producing materials should be rewarded.

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