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Better World Detectives - A sustainability adventure

Better World Detectives covers national curriculum learning objectives including geography, English, science and PSHE, while whisking your pupils away on an inspiring, multimedia adventure set in Costa Rica.

The adventure evolves over six lessons as students follow the story of a group of young explorers journeying through the fictional town of Sonrisa, as they work towards their goal – to solve the Mystery of the Missing Turtle.

For more information visit www.betterworlddetectives.co.­uk

Lesson 1 – What is it like to live in Sonrisa?

Lesson 1 will encourage pupils to identify similarities and differences between Sonrisa (Costa Rica) and our local area.​ Lesson 1 links to Geography, English Speaking & Listening and Summarising.

Lesson 2 – What’s happening to the fish?

Lesson 2 will help pupils consider the impact of people's actions on the environment. Lesson 2 links to Geography and PSHE.

Lesson 3 – What do people and animals need from their environment?

Lesson 3 will ask pupils to consider the environmental challenges of meeting the wants of different groups. This lesson links to Geography, Computing, English and PSHE.

Lesson 4 - What threatens the coral reef and what can we do to protect it?

Lesson 4’s learning outcome will help pupils to identify and raise awareness of the factors that threaten the coral reef. This lesson links to Geography, English and PSHE.

Lesson 5 – How can tourism support local livelihoods?

Lesson 5 will ask pupils to consider how tourism can support the livelihoods of people who live there. This lesson links to Geography and English.

Lesson 6 – Is sustainable travel important?

Lesson 6 will encourage pupils to consider the importance of addressing environmental issues and the impact of tourism. This lesson links to Geography, English and Maths.

Lesson plans

Six lesson plans that have been created by a specialist Key Stage 2 educator, designed flexibly to suit your teaching methods.


Jigsaw bases and pieces that include the learning outcomes from each lesson, these can be used at the end of each lesson and to refer to at the beginning of the next lesson.


A presentation that will take your pupils through the whole story of The Mystery of the Missing Turtle over the course of 6 lessons.

Win a chance to meet the stars of the story

Lesson 6 of Better World Detectives includes a competition to win a VIP trip to the National SEA LIFE Centre, for your class to meet some Green Sea Turtles and learn about turtle conservation. For details of how to enter and other prizes on offer visit: www.betterworlddetectives.co.­uk/competition


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