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Staffroom discussion
 Project ideas - Sara 01/03/2011

At Teachit we are extending our resource libary to include a series of project plans.

Our aim is to gather a bank of resources and teaching ideas to support a particular theme.

So here's your chance to nominate a project theme or even just suggest a catchy project title.

Sara Pearson

Primary Editor

 Re:Project ideas - SusieQ 01/03/2011
How about explorers and inventors?  Or new horizons? Boundary breakers?  Plenty of opportunities for all sorts of explorers from christopher columbus to neil armstrong...

 Re:Project ideas - Sara 02/03/2011

I love this idea Susie, it would link well with science and numeracy too.

Keep your ideas coming in.


Primary Editor

 Re:Project ideas - Helen 02/03/2011
We did explorers at our school and the children loved it.  There was loads of scope for history, science, geography as well as English.  The children put on a great play which they had written about Victorian explorers.  I can probably dig out some resources from when we did it, can I send them in to you?

 Re:Project ideas - sue 06/03/2011
I recently asked the children to do a project on their favourite hobby/thing/animal infact they could do it on what they liked. I have been delighted with the variety of projects and also it has given me a deeper insight into the children. They have taken great pride and cant wait to show the head teacher. I asked for the first 5 pages within 3 weeks and then kept the projects for 2 weeks then asked for a further 5 pages again giving the children three weeks. I don't mark them but put post in notes on and suggest  ways for improvement.

 Re:Project ideas - Ian 09/03/2011

How about ‘All the fun of the fair!’ Would be great fun building and designing rides. Maybe even exploring the history of  travelling funfairs.

 Re:Project ideas - Debbie 09/03/2011

I’ve always enjoyed teaching history based topics such as What the Victorians’ did for us.  Of course any historical period could be used.

 Re:Project ideas - Robert 09/03/2011

As a music specialist I like the idea of basing a project around a piece of music.  Children could explore writing songs and performing their own compositions.  Even creating art inspired by the piece.  You could add a science area looking at how sound travels.  My favourite piece would be Peter and the Wolf

 Re:Project ideas - Claire 26/04/2011
We are starting explorers and would welcome any ideas. Thanks Claire

 Re:Project ideas - Carol 23/05/2011
Hi Sara,

I'm doing a mini topic on Superheroes (when I'm in for supply). I'm trying to keep the Year 6 enthusiastic after SATs!
Basically after discussing superheroes from Marvel comics and films- we are creating our own one ( making profiles, designing his/her costume, deciding what their super powers might be and deciding who their enemy is!) I'm hoping to move on to creating a short comic strip with them too.

It is a fun mini project to teach!


 Re:Project ideas - iwona 24/08/2011

Hi Sara

we are starting a project called Flying High about the history of flight and all things that fly. We also taught it last year and it was very successful as it included space exploration and future inventions in flight.

Hope you like this idea Iwona

 Re:Project ideas - alan 01/12/2011
How about robots, lots of opportunities for science and DT.

 Re:Project ideas - Helen 14/12/2011
A suggestion for an upcoming project idea would be resources for the Queen's Diamond jubilee in the summer. We are planning to do some local history work around this theme and would appreciate further ideas.

 Re:Project ideas - Sara 20/12/2011
Hi Helen,

Did you know that May is Local history month?  We plan to have a set of adapted resources bished bashed and boshed heading your way so hopefully you'll find these useful.

Primary editor 

 Re:Project ideas - Rachel 13/02/2012
I teach a topic called 'Our Local Area' throughout the summer term, which combines local history, geography, art, sculpture and habitats - I didn't know about Local History Month, but that is definitely something worth looking into!  Thank you.  Rachel

 Re:Project ideas - Mrs Moz 14/02/2012

A project about the Titanic would be very helpful in time for Easter please in order to do the planning before the 100th anniversary.  Thank you.

 Re:Project ideas - Megan 16/02/2012

Hi I am an NQT and find your website very useful. I would like to request some activities on fair trade particularly chocolate in Ghana. This is linked to our Literacy and PSHE topic 'bean to bar.'

Many Thanks


 Re:Project ideas - Justine 18/03/2012
Heroes and Villains - Robin Hood, Pirates, Highwaymen, 
war & sporting heroes, super heroes etc.

I am doing a 'Journeys' topic in September where I have included stuff about
the Titanic and sea journeys, we will also be doing some work on Around the World
in 80 Days and also journeying into Space.

 Re:Project ideas - Jackie 20/03/2012

We have just  completed a whole school theme week on Explorers. Each key stage chose a different explorer.

Ks 1 chose Livingstone as they were already looking at the Jungle in their cross curricular Unit plan.

Lower Ks 2 chose Captain cook and did lots of geography on Australia as well. Upper KS2 looked at the race to the South pole and specifically Captain Scott due to the centenary.

I have some useful resources for Scott if you were to focus on Explorers.

 Re:Project ideas - Jayne 15/04/2012

We are just about to start the topic 'Best of British' looking at British history. Each class will focus on one area and my year 4/5 class are looking at the history of London starting in the 11th century.

any resources gratefully received!

Thank you

 Re:Project ideas - Sharon 24/04/2012
It would be great to have some resources on Rainforests!

 Re:Project ideas - Kathleen 28/04/2012
It would be lovely to have a project on ancient Egypt if you have time. Thanks

 Re:Project ideas - Sara 01/05/2012
Ancient Egypt is definitely on the list but I can't promise a launch date yet:(

In the meantime check out our existing resources for this subject area to get you started:)

Primary Ed

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