Creative thinking posters for maths

Set of 4

Creative thinking posters for maths

(KS1/KS2) | Posters
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Use our posters for maths games and number exercises

Our set of four creative thinking posters is full of ideas for number games, data collection exercises and ways to build numeracy skills. They'll look good on the walls and be a fantastic starting point to your maths lessons.

Product details:

  • set of 4 full-colour posters
  • dimensions: 500 x 707 mm (B2)
  • high quality (200 gsm) silk poster paper
  • buy more than one set and save (discount applied automatically).

Payment and delivery

Posters are sent in strong cardboard tubes.

UK delivery takes up to 14 days and costs:
  • 1 set – £4.96
  • 2-3 sets – £9
  • 4-6 sets – £10.50
  • 7-8 sets – £12.95

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Ideas for maths games

Data overload

With all the images packed into these posters, they’re a great source of information for data handling. Whether you create simple tally charts or expand those further into bar graphs or pictograms, the options are endless.


I spy shape sorter

Play a simple I spy shape spotting game. For example, kick things off with a shape: 'I spy with my little eye a triangle'.  Make this trickier by using just the properties of a shape: 'I spy with my little eye a four sided shape' or 'I spy with my little eye a shape with a pair of parallel sides'.


Problems beyond the poster

Pose problems linked to the posters and then take children beyond the images to really get them thinking. For example, if everyone wanted a sparkler and each pack of sparklers contains five, how many packets would you need to buy? If each packet costs £1.25, how much change would you receive from a ten pound note?


Multiplication possibilities

Spot the endless multiplication possibilities.  Count the number of ducks. How many legs do they have? There are three dogs, so how many paws?  I spy 30 gloves – how many people are wearing them?




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