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Published: 18/02/2015
Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6 | Life processes and living things
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Animals of Stone Age Britain

Compare modern British animals with those from the Stone Age. How has the wildlife of Britain changed over the last million years?      

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Jo Barwell
Jo Barwell
Thank you for your comment. The adaptability of our resources means that teachers are free to add or change things. The original resource does not ask children to research these animals on the internet so we cannot do anything about that, I'm afraid! However, we have amended the wording to make the task more straightforward for the age group.
Posted on 19th October 2016
A parent
A parent
The version of this worksheet my Y5 son was given had no "table of information" attached to it, but instead the instructions had been modified to say "Research Stone Age animals to decide ...". I would love to see the table of information and the author's view of what the "correct" answer is to some of these questions! I strongly suspect the resource was authored some years ago, when people generally assumed that elephants had evolved from woolly mammals, deer had evolved from elk, etc etc. More recent research and modern evolutionary techniques have shown that it's all a bit more complicated than that. e.g. Mammoths and elephants had a common ancestor, but evolved separately. So any child trying to use Google to "research" this, rather than just being given a table of simplified (and probably very out of date) information, will rapidly run into some complex discussion of evolutionary taxonomy. That makes the homework far more complex than probably probably intended. I had to spend a long time researching the correct answers, and then explaining them in a way my 10-year-old could understand before he could answer the questions. I don't think that's what his teacher intended (in fact he said his teacher told him that elephants evolved from mammoths and elk evolved from deer .... sigh!)
Posted on 15th October 2016

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