Reading at KS1 teaching pack

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Reading at KS1

(KS1) | Downloadable pack
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Embed key reading strategies and comprehension skills in your younger learners.

This beautifully-designed pack focuses on 10 key skills: listening; sequencing; using what you know; checking for sense and self-correcting; making inferences; answering and asking questions; making predictions; discussion; identifying cause and effect and role-play.

Key features:

  • 12 texts and 72 engaging resources, including answer sheets where relevant
  • supporting PowerPoint presentations
  • opportunities to introduce, practise and consolidate key grammar elements
  • includes starters, main activities, plenaries, assessment opportunities, extension ideas and home learning tasks
  • links to the curriculum.


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Other information

Key features:

  • addresses listening skills, sequencing skills, using what you know, checking for sense and self-correcting, making inferences, answering and asking questions, making predictions, discussion, identifying cause and effect and role-play
  • supporting PowerPoint presentations
  • assessment opportunities, extension ideas and home learning tasks
  • 12 original texts and 72 supporting resources, including answer sheets where relevant
  • links to the Curriculum.


George Rodd (Primary Editor)George Rodd (Primary Editor)
Thank you Sharron. We hope it will be really useful for you. Do let us know how you and your class get on.
Posted on 15th August 2017
sharron askewsharron askew
I am very excited to start using this with my new class. It looks very comprehensive. Well Done !
Posted on 11th August 2017
George (Primary Editor)George (Primary Editor)
Hi Roopan. This isn't an issue we often encounter but I can suggest a few options that might solve the issue. One option could be to use another word processor that you can download from the web e.g. LibreOffice, WPS Office or Google Docs. Sadly the formatting might alter when opening the pack in any of this software. Alternatively you might be able to download the pack and right click to convert to a pdf. I hope this helps.

Posted on 6th April 2017
elizabeth crossinghamelizabeth crossingham
I have just looked through this teaching pack and it is fabulous. It caters for so many parts of the KS1 curriculum . Well done whoever put it together.
Posted on 31st March 2017
Roopan SinghRoopan Singh
I can't open it without word!

Posted on 31st March 2017

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