Interactive Maths: Shape, space and measure

With modelling tools to explore everything from angles to symmetry, from weight to capacity, we've got it covered with these flexible interactives!

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Create colourful, symmetrical patterns in an instant.

Reflection – symmetrical pattern maker

An interactive co-ordinates grid to explore.

Co-ordinates – painting grid

A KS1 co-ordinates grid to develop position and navigation skills.

Guess the co-ordinate KS1

A fun KS2 co-ordinate grid to develop position and navigation skills.

Guess the co-ordinate KS2

Size up shapes with our interactive tools.

Make and measure – interactive protractor and ruler

Explore a whole turn with an interactive protractor.

Turning angles – measuring degrees

Create and measure angles with an interactive protractor!

Straight line angles – estimation and measure

A great interactive tool for exploring shape rotation.

Rotational symmetry explorer

A versatile tool which can move, flip and spin shapes.

Rotate, translate and flip

Interactive scales for weighing exploration.

Dial scales – virtual weighing activity

Fill the container to explore measuring capacities.

Differences – measuring capacities

Master telling the time with this interactive teaching clock.

Teaching clock

Predict, measure and use your number skills.

Mastering measure – non-standard units of measure

A fun measuring interactive.

Move and measure – lengths

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