Challenging grammar teaching pack

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Challenging grammar

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A classroom essential for teachers of year 5 and 6!

This pack supports the teaching of the challenging aspects of the grammar curriculum by offering clear and comprehensive teaching notes alongside a range of child-friendly activities and resources.

SAT-style questions at the end of each topic will ensure your classes become grammar gurus in no time!

Key features:

  • definitions and explanations for teachers
  • accompanying PowerPoint presentations
  • child-friendly teaching resources and SAT-style questions
  • extended writing opportunities
  • links to the curriculum.

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Nicola-Ingrid  Chidlow Nicola-Ingrid Chidlow
This is really useful - I've used this with KS3 and KS4 students, and been able to easily adapt some of the resources to support EAL lessons as well.
Posted on 21st February 2018
tina braziertina brazier
Thank you so although I am a trained primary school teacher early years is my specialism. I am now home schooling my 14 year old so this is a real bonus to me in supporting him through his GCSE's
Posted on 2nd January 2018
Sue WoodhouseSue Woodhouse
I am using this to prepare for next year to support the teaching of SPaG skills at KS3, particularly Year 7, building on what students have been learning at KS2. It looks excellent and I'm sure it will prove invaluable.
Posted on 12th July 2017
Claire SmyClaire Smy
This is a great resource and the accompanying Powerpoints are fabulous. I teach ESL and this will help enormously. It will also be of benefit with my KS2 and KS3 students and with adult learners (maybe with a little bit of adapting to make it a bit less kid-centric, but not much will need to change). Thanks so much. This busy mother and private tutor is breathing a huge sigh of relief!
Posted on 9th March 2017
Brian ReidBrian Reid
Thank you very much. Very useful.
Posted on 8th February 2017
Cathy WarrenCathy Warren
Could be very useful for my 1-1 tuition. Thanks so much!
Posted on 15th January 2017
Dora OseiDora Osei
This is an excellent resource. It's one that I will go back to as an addition to my English lessons. It's structured very well and they are examples for teachers in a hurry. It can be used for higher and ability students. Thank you.
Posted on 6th January 2017
Shelley GeorgeShelley George
These are great resources. I especially like the p/points. Thank you!
Posted on 29th October 2016
Joanna GriffinJoanna Griffin
We teach adults but often find that staff struggle with grammar terminology so this will help them develop own concepts to build a solid foundation for their students. Thank you so much!
Posted on 12th September 2016
Lorna SmithLorna Smith
This resource will be useful for trainee English teachers who did not have to learn formal grammar for test purposes when they were at school and are therefore understandably wary of the new requirements. There are clear definitions and it's good to see some creative activities included!
Posted on 31st August 2016
Leslie KempLeslie Kemp
Thank you so much! Grammar is NOT really my forte. I really appreciate getting hold of great resources like these made by experts.
Posted on 28th August 2016
Carolyn BarryCarolyn Barry
I have not yet used this resource. I teach French and am interested to see what is expected of children in KS 1 and KS 2. The aim of the MFL national curriculum is to facilitate language learning for life. To this end, it is the function of the MFL teacher to prepare pupils for KS 3 studies, be they French, German, Spanish or for that matter Latin and Modern Greek.
Whatever you end up studying in KS 3 can only be made easier by having a logical understanding of sentence structure (verbs, nouns, s. and pl. pronouns gender and therefore adjectival agreement)
This is why English and French teachers at primary school should be working together, but does this ever happen?
I have looked at the materials provided and think this will be a great teaching aid, because the learning steps are clearly set out and don't intimidate the learner by using grammatical terms
without a full and user-friendly explanation.
Posted on 20th August 2016
sharon Vandersteensharon Vandersteen
It looks good.
Posted on 16th July 2016
Tuba BauhoferTuba Bauhofer
Posted on 8th July 2016
Lesley FraserLesley Fraser
This was a brilliant resource - firstly I was looking for something to help me!! Now I have used it with my Y6 class and they have a very good understanding of the grammar and the activities have supported my teaching absolutely fabulous resource. Is there any more of this type of resource for all grammar?
Posted on 3rd July 2016
Sue de GruytherSue de Gruyther
Believe it or not!! It's genuinely useful for very weak GCSE English students. It's simple and fun!! Many thanks.
Posted on 22nd June 2016
Barbara HynemanBarbara Hyneman
This looks fab. Can't wait to use it in the next academic year! Thank you.
Posted on 7th June 2016
Alison HallAlison Hall
Thanks so much for this. It is so useful to understand what our upcoming Year 7s will have been taught and great to help with intervention at KS3.
Posted on 9th May 2016
Michael EmenyMichael Emeny
This is a great resource!! I teach Year 5 EAL students and I have taken ideas and plans from this pack and put them into use in a small classroom setting. The explanations are clear and easy to understand. I have had to tweak some of the plans to fit the needs of my students, slowing down some of the explanations in order to make sure my class keeps up. I'm looking forward to spending time in the class with my students and this pack!
Posted on 15th April 2016

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