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Welcome to Teachit's library of Primary teaching resources

All shiny and new

As we brace ourselves for the pressures of the year ahead it is always nice to take a step back and admire the joy that is a classroom of neatly labelled books – no dog-eared corners or doodles, pots full of sharpened pencils of every colour, sets of glue sticks complete with lids and neat display boards yet to be sullied by children's fingers. Perhaps it's just me but a newly set out classroom is one of the joys of teaching!

Sara Pearson

Primary Editor

Hi, if you’ve just discovered Teachit Primary we’re really pleased you did! 

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When it comes to resources, you know best. Which is why all of the resources in our libraries are made by teachers (our editorial team are teachers too!). We also believe that a teacher's time is precious and that hours spent producing materials should be rewarded.

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