Project packs 

To help support a creative curriculum we’ve linked together teaching ideas and resources around engaging project themes. Each compilation pack brings together different resources from Teachit Primary, offering more support and structure than stand-alone resources. We're giving these packs a make-over and the first two are now available as big, easy to save, download and print documents!

If you're a Teachit Primary subscriber you already have access to all our teaching packs – just log in to access them. If you're a free member, you can now buy World War Two, Outdoor learningCastles or Explorers as a one-off purchase.

World War Two project pack

World War Two

Now one big downloadable pack!

For this project pack we’ve taken a step back in time to explore wartime Britain. We’re focusing on children’s perspectives of the dramatic and life-changing events of World War 2. We’ve even gathered together a collection of childhood memories to give a more personal perspective of events.

Outdoor learning project pack

Outdoor learning

Now one big downloadable pack!

With a set of ideas from a Forest School expert plus a bank of Teachit Primary resources to support your endeavours outside the classroom and on your return, this project pack encourages you to throw caution to the wind and come outside!

Castles project pack


Now one big downloadable pack!

Castles and knights are a winning combination in the imagination of most primary aged children (and their teachers!), so for this project pack we've headed off to explore not only the castles but the people who lived there.

Explorers project pack


Now one big downloadable pack!

Finding out about the world we live in need not mean going far afield – even exploring our own backyard often reveals amazing wonders we never knew were there.


Gulliver's Travels


A selection of our Big and small, little and large resources

This wide-ranging project is based on Gulliver's Travels, exploring the realms of fantasy worlds and covering a range of curriculum areas.


A selection of our Food glorious food resources

Whether you're looking for a big project to really sink your teeth into, or just some food for thought, feel free to pick and choose from our food-related project pack and create your own teaching dish!

Famous people


A selection of our When will I be famous? resources

With the world of celebrity often sending mixed messages about what's important in life, take the time to look at some inspirational people from the wider world to readdress this balance.

Sport and the Olympics

Propaganda - A chance to look at some posters that were used as propaganda during the war. Evaluate them and design one of your own.

The Olympic theme isn’t just about sporting achievements, but also about striving to achieve personal goals. Take the time to read medal winner Kate Allenby’s article outlining what the Olympics means to her.



A selection of our Christmas project pack resources

With Nativity plays, carol services and Christmas parties all occupying your valuable time, the season of goodwill can often leave you feeling pushed for time, so let us provide you with some ready to go resources to keep your spirits high.