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As a Teachit Primary subscriber you can ...

Take one editable resource and make it work that little bit harder for you.

Take our resources and make them your own

Take, tweak and adapt our resources to suit your teaching style and your pupils’ needs.

Gone are the days of something ‘not quite fitting’ as our resources are published as editable MS Office files: Editable Word documents Interactive Powerpoint files Publisher resources. Take a look at this sample set of adapted resources and you’ll see that it’s easy to do.


Get the most out of your interactive whiteboard

Deliver exciting and user-friendly interactive activities straight from Teachit Primary – no installations or network shenanigans required.

Teachit Primary offers a family of interactives for making your own games and activities, plus we've made some of our own too to get you started. No technical know-how is required, just a good idea.

Literacy interactives

Literacy interactives

Make your own activities with our range of whizzy Literacy interactive resources.

Make your own

Interactive tools

Make and save your own activities, adding a little extra whizziness to the whole curriculum, with our bank of adaptable make your own tools.

Numeracy interactives: Number work

Numeracy interactives: Number work

Model key skills using our fun set of number interactives.

Numeracy interactives: Shape, space and measure

Numeracy interactives: Shape, space and measure

Demonstrate ideas using our collection of shape, space and measure interactives.


My Teachit

Save and organise your favourite resources

  • Save your favourite Teachit Primary resources and organise them into folders for a particular topic, level, week or course.
  • Add your own files, links or images to create lessons and classroom resources for your classes.
  • Save your own interactive resources.
  • Add notes and reminders to resources.


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