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Welcome to our collection of interactive resources

Perfect for your interactive whiteboard or computer suite!

Whether you want classroom-ready activities to take as they are or adapt to suit your class, or perhaps want to create your own interactive resources, Teachit Primary offers a bank of interactive tools and games – perfect for delivering engaging lessons across the whole curriculum!

Literacy interactives

Literacy interactives

Explore our range of exciting Literacy interactives.

Make your own

Interactive tools

Add a little extra whizziness across the whole curriculum with our adaptable Make your own collection.


Numeracy interactives: Number work

Numeracy interactives: Number work

Model key skills using our brilliant set of number interactives.


Numeracy interactives: Shape, space and measure

Numeracy interactives: Shape, space and measure

Demonstrate ideas using our huge collection of shape, space and measure interactives.


Latest resources

Latest resources

Traffic jam measuring
Lengths and heights

WWII evacuation billet cards
Historical enquiry | Modern Britain


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